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Freshmen on the Day of Paying Homage
to Teachers

Golf training

Senior students on the Farewell Day

Students' learning in multicultural society


Soccer competition

Voluntary activity in a Muslim community

•  Library and Information Technology Service
        As a learning center, the library provides students and the community with learning materials particularly in Applied Social Sciences (Accounting and Finance, Marketing, Computer Management and Information Technology) and other fields of study. Computers and the internet are also available in order that students are able to access worldwide information and electronic databases, such as Science Direct (Sciences, Technology, Health

        Sciences, Humanities and Social Sciences), ACM Digital Library (Computer and Information Technology). Besides, services and information technology resources can be jointly used among the five campuses' libraries of PSU along with other universities' libraries in Thailand .

•  Academic Services for Communities

    Several programs have been set up to serve the communities' needs as presented below:
          - Information and Computer Management
            Providing training courses in various programs, such as Internet, Cyber Teen, Introduction to             PC maintenance and virus protection, and application of Windows XP, internet, e-mail, and             web page creation.
         -  Accounting and Accounting Information System
            Providing training courses for a group of  businesswomen, accounting programs for service             industries, accounting for SMEs, for instance.
         -  Marketing and Management
            Providing training courses in Product Packaging
         -  English Program
            Providing training courses, such as, Basic English Conversation, and Basic English             Grammar.
•  Services and Welfare for Students s
1. Students' Welfare
         - Military Exemption Service
         - Health Insurance
         - Personal Accident Insurance

2. Funds for Educational Supports
         - Scholarships covering tuition fee,             university fee, and library fee
         - Scholarships covering extra-tuition fee             only
         - Scholarships from both government             and private sectors
         - Part-time working scholarships
         - Government education loans

University shop

3. Dormitory  

Students' Dormitory

Staff 's Dormitory
4. Sport Facilities  


Tennis court