In response to the people of Trang's needs and support for tertiary education since 1979, Prince of Songkla University planned to expand academic services in Trang Province in accordance to the University's mission to raise the educational standard and support the long-term development in the South of Thailand. The plan was finally launched when 686 rais and 228 square metres of “Thung Kong” area situated in Khuan Pring Thambon, Muang District, Trang, were donated for the establishment of a new educational institute.
          In 1991, PSU's Trang Campus was established with the acquisition of the land through the government's and Trang is private sector support. According to the Cabinet's resolution in 1996, it was designated to be an “Information Technology Campus” ( IT Campus ). Over the first period of teaching , the fundamental courses have been transmitted through video conferencing systems from Had Yai Campus to Trang Campus.
              In an endeavor to improve the educational standard, Trang Campus places emphasis on administrative management, student learning and volunteer activities, and academic development in order to produce the graduates of specialties plus morally fit individuals who can effectively serve the present-day society.
              The Trang Campus of the Prince of Songkla University focuses on academic development in the area of Applied Social Sciences, Business, and Industrial Services to fulfill the growing needs of service industries and business.
              Trang Campus aims to become the leading university in the country, providing educational opportunities in the fields of Applied Social Sciences, Business, Service Industry and Technology, with the direct application to business, management, research, academic services, and conservation of Thai local arts and culture.
1. Teaching and Learning Processes
              We seek to emphasize the student-centered learning approach based on research and Information Technology in order to facilitate independent study as well as to produce exceptional graduates equipped with competence in a particular field, foreign languages, and knowledge of Information Technology.
2. Research
              We strive to foster research in the fields of Applied Social Sciences, Industrial Services and Technology as applied to business and management. Our faculty is responsible for the creation of academic papers, subsequently building up a new repertoire of knowledge for teaching and learning improvement in addition to enhancing economic and social development to satisfy the community demand.
3. Academic Services
              We aim to provide academic services corresponding to social development and local wisdom in order to strengthen the society and acquire sustainable knowledge.
4. Conservation of Local Arts and Culture <
              Our goal is to conserve and promote Thai local arts and culture by encouraging art and culture presentations, ethical activities, and acting as role models.


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