At present, PSU, Trang Campus provides teaching for an undergraduate program: the Faculty of Commerce and Management which is divided into eight fields of study as follows:
1. Accounting
       The curriculum provides the study of accounting and integrates a repertoire of knowledge in the field so that students will acquire skills in researching and analyzing information, with the help of information technology, and will be able to work for government or private sectors, as well as their own businesses.
2. Accounting Information System
       Accounting Information System is integrated with accounting business administration. The curriculum aims at developing students’ skills in research and analysis based on information technology so that they will be able to work for the government or private sectors, as well as their own businesses.
3. Information and Computer Management
       The curriculum focuses on business and information computer management so that students will be able to apply their knowledge to the development of working systems, and to work in computer-related fields such as Management Information System (MIS), computer technology, computer networking, telecommunications and computer sales.
4. Insurance  
        The curriculum provides courses on insurance theories with the emphasis on research and analysis of information.         Students will then be able to apply their knowledge to various fields of work such as business, finance, and business administration in financial institutions organizations, insurance companies, Thai insurance associations and government organizations such as Ministry of Public Health, Ministry of Social Development and Human Security.
6. Tourism  
       This course joins the principles of tourism industries and the skills in information technology. The comprehensive use of English language is also emphasized. Students can thus work either in the state or private sectors such as the Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT), tourist or travel agencies, e-commerce for tourism and other specific tourist services such as resorts and hotels. [Details] [Curriculum structure]
7. Electronic Commerce (E-Commerce)
       This curriculum deals with information technology and E-commerce as well as the structures of Business Sciences, emphasizing foreign languages for business purposes, so that students will be equipped with knowledge to work in the IT business, E-commerce or website development companies.
8. Marketing  
        In this curriculum, courses in the principles and structures of business sciences, marketing, and information technology are provided. After graduation, students will be able to use their knowledge and skills in accordance with the present business situation, in such fields as marketing analysis, advertising, public relations, and marketing research and planning.