Guide to Trang


          Located in the Middle South of Thailand, Trang is a center of commerce with abundant supply from natural resources--both Andaman sea and large tropical forests---and intensive agricultural plantations. Its major products include para rubber, rice, fruits, seafood, and manufactured goods.

          According to the continuous growth of trade, the transportation in Trang is well-developed and systematic. This contributes to the expansion of tourism business. Trang Tourism is organized in different kinds with a plenty of enjoyable activities responding to the town's potentials, ranging from natural tourism, such as, bird watching, exploring exotic caves and islands, diving, boating, admiring magnificent waterfalls, viewing the sunset at the beach, to cultural tourism, such as, visiting local fairs and festivals, watching southern traditional performances, tasting various food and shopping local souvenirs.

          Trang is widely recognized as one of the safe places in Thailand which has a diversity of cultures and religions---Muslims, Thai-Buddhists and Chinese-Buddhists peacefully live together for a long time. Trang people firmly adhere to moral principle--honesty and generosity, so the visitors are impressed by their hospitality and friendly. This reputation of Trang partially come from being the home province of the former prime minister, Mr. Chuan Leekphai, who is exalted as the most honest politician who has clean background without involvement in corruption throughout long period of his political career.

          According to plentiful resources, economic and infrastructure development, and open-minded people, Trang can offer both natural charm and comfortable life. This is why this southern province of Thailand always attracts ones who finding the place for a wealth of peaceful happiness.


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